Blended Learning Case Studies

The post Case Studies: The Benefits of Blended Learning, authored by Rite-Solutions’ Catriona Barbato, was recently featured on Cat’s post gives examples of how two very different organizations implemented and benefitted from their blended learning initiatives.

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About the Author:

Catriona is Rite-Solutions’ Commercial division Director of Client Engagement and Principal Solution Architect. Catriona brings 20+ years’ applied experience in the learning industry to this position. Throughout her career, Catriona has designed, developed, managed, and strategized with commercial and government clients to produce thousands of hours of instruction. She works directly with Rite-Solutions’ clients to analyze their learning needs, develop innovative solutions, and lead the operational activities of the learning and performance function of Rite-Solutions to deliver those solutions. Catriona holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems Design and has completed advanced graduate work in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Central Florida.