3 Reasons Your Company Should Become CMMI & ISO Certified

Sometimes we are asked why a small company like Rite-Solutions is a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and International Organization for Standards (ISO) certified organization. Obtaining certification requires time and resources—two things small businesses don’t have an abundance of. For three primary reasons, we find it worth the investment and something that all companies [...]

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Blended Learning Case Studies

The post Case Studies: The Benefits of Blended Learning, authored by Rite-Solutions' Catriona Barbato, was recently featured on trainingindustry.com. Cat's post gives examples of how two very different organizations implemented and benefitted from their blended learning initiatives.

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Four Ways to Improve the Acquisition Process

The post Four Ways to Improve the Acquisition Process, authored by Rite-Solutions' co-founder Joe Marino, was recently featured in Signal Magazine online. Joe offers four recommendations to can improve the acquisition process, create an innovative environment and get new technologies to the battlespace more quickly. Delivering innovative technologies into the hands of warfighters requires streamlined acquisition processes. [...]

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Best Practices for Blended Learning

The post Best Practices for Blended Learning, authored by Rite-Solutions' Catriona Barbato, was recently featured on trainingindustry.com. Cat's post can help determine if blended learning is right for your organization, and get you started on the right foot.

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Your Sixth Step Toward Creating an Innovative Climate: Recognize and Reward Engagement

When you begin to see changes in your organization resulting from the recommendations in this blog series, it’s time for the sixth step in developing an innovative climate: Begin a recognize and reward campaign. So far, you’re doing it all "rite." You care about employees, so they care about the company. You trust them [...]

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Unexpected Benefits of Structured Content at USAA

By George Selix, former Executive Director of Content Management at USAA The content management group at USAA, as in many companies, builds and maintains content used in training & development programs at the company. The team also manages the company’s knowledge base—which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Referred to as Knowledge [...]

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Simplifying System Architecture and Reducing the Technology Stack Improves System Performance, Maintenance, and Security

A compelling example of how simplifying system architecture can provide significant operational improvements is a monitoring system used on U.S. Navy submarines. Over the last three years, Rite-Solutions has radically re-architected the system's design and reduced the technology stack to better meet the Navy’s needs, including: Reduce system maintenance costs Improve the system’s ability [...]

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Your Fourth Step Toward Creating an Innovative Climate: Listen

(Don't mess this part up!) In the meaningful relationship puzzle, you (the leader) have everything to gain and everything to lose. If you invest the time to implement an Ask program (the third step) without simultaneously implementing a Listen program, you have wasted your time. Employees will quickly decide to not spend their intellectual [...]

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Structured Content System

As you hang up the phone, you immediately start planning the presentation you were just asked to give. You think about the material you need to pull together from all the different sources. You scour the network looking for company background text that Corporate Communications approved for external use. You learn the product specs [...]

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