Culture Video

Spend a few minutes with co-founder Jim Lavoie and several employees to learn what it's like to be a part of the Rite-Solutions team.

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Information AdvantageTM

Rite-Solutions' innovative solutions help government and commercial clients convert data into valuable intelligence and a competitive edge.

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New! Automated Protocol Translator (APT)

Learn how the new Automated Protocol Translator (APT) ensures the continuous integration of different systems. Without modifying existing systems, the APT auto-generates integration software, saving up to 80% on development costs.

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Rite-Solutions on Executive Suite

Watch Rite-Solutions' co-founder and CEO, Joe Marino, and fellow co-founder and Chairman, Jim Lavoie, interviewed by Fox Providence reporter Ted Nesi (12:35 into video). The pair discuss how Rite-Solutions helps defense and commercial customers benefit from an Information Advantage, and the importance of culture in the company's success.

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CLO Spotlight Webinar “Unified Content at USAA”

In this CLO Media Spotlight Webinar, George Selix, Executive Director of Content Management at USAA, shares how his team created and implemented a structured content solution across the organization that kept content current, without exhausting resources on revisions, in an era of accelerated change. During this session, you will learn: How USAA eliminated 60 percent [...]

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Information Advantage Demonstration: How An Intelligent Agent Increases the Probability of Mission Success

Defense Innovation Days 2016: Rite-Solutions Executive VP and GM of Government Solutions, Mike Coffey and Captain Ron Steed, Senior Advisor at Rite-Solutions, demonstrate how an “intelligent agent" plays a critical role in the success of a future mission by providing the Commanding Officer of the USS New England with an Information Advantage. [...]

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