Commercial Solutions

From the battlespace to the boardroom, Rite-Solutions evolved to help businesses achieve an Information Advantage

Though Rite-Solutions’ origins are in the government/DoD sector, commercial clients in financial services, healthcare, aerospace and emerging markets are turning to us for our innovation skills, learning & development solutions and software engineering expertise.

Today, Rite-Solutions specializes in helping businesses develop a competitive edge by improving and enhancing the effectiveness of their workforce through learning, performance support, innovation and employee engagement. Our award-winning solutions help enhance customer service, improve sales performance, optimize internal processes, improve system operations & maintenance and help facilitate ideation, collaboration and innovation across the workforce.

All something we like to call an Information Advantage.

Areas of Expertise

For commercial clients, such as Boeing, Goodyear, Coca-Cola, GE Healthcare, Hasbro, and Regions Financial, we develop innovative solutions in four primary areas of expertise:

Human capital is arguably a company’s greatest asset and one would think employee engagement would be a top priority. Unfortunately, it often amounts to little more than yearly compliance training or the occasional product launch workshop.

True employee engagement can increase output, improve efficiency, spark innovation, breed creativity, and reduce costs thus increasing employee retention and helping drive the top line. For over 15 years, Rite-Solutions has helped organizations achieve these kinds of results through a unique approach to learning solutions:

  • Programs that are focused on business outcomes, not just learning outcomes. We set business KPIs and design our learning solutions to ensure employee performance meets and exceeds organizational objectives.
  • Blended learning solutions, multiple delivery modalities, on-the-job-training, adult learning theory and desktop simulations that address differences across age demographics and learning styles.
  • Open source platforms and off-the-shelf authoring software combined with instructional templates for production efficiencies.

For more information, please visit our Learning and Performance page.

Where will the next big idea come from in your organization? Creativity, new ideas and ultimately innovation, we believe, are the result of effective employee engagement. To help foster a creative, innovative culture, we developed Mutual Fun®, the 2015 Bersin by Deloitte Impact award winner for Transforming HR. Mutual Fun® is an innovation management platform that enables you to leverage the collective genius of your organization.

By accelerating innovation, your company can better compete and grow. At the same time, increased participation and collaboration can help improve morale and employee retention.

For more information, please visit our Mutual Fun solutions page

More than 500 companies across 50 industries have adopted a structured content management solution using the OASIS DITA XML standard to maintain and distribute their documentation, product management, and training content within their organizations.

Combining decades of experience in systems integration, software development, human-centered design and employee performance, Rite-Solutions is uniquely capable of helping companies build the structured content management environment that meets their needs and budget.

For more information, please visit our Structured Content Management Solutions page or download A Beginner’s Guide to a Structured Content Initiative

Often companies have a unique business problem that standard, off-the-shelf software can’t solve. Customizing Enterprise Application Software is often frustrating and costly. In many instances, the only solution is an engineered solution that is as unique as the problem to be solved.

From data analytics platforms to transportation monitor systems, Rite-Solutions has applied its business process improvement experience, innovation skills, and software engineering expertise to help customers develop solutions for their specific needs.

World-Class Customers

For more than 15 years, Rite-Solutions has developed mission-critical systems for leading government and commercial customers worldwide, many of whom have been with us for more than 10 years.