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A Legacy of Performance at the Highest of Levels

Rite-Solutions’ long-standing reputation in undersea warfare, systems & software engineering and IT infrastructure management is well known and highly acclaimed. Our founding focus and enduring principle is to deliver the Information Advantage™ that modern warfighters and those supporting them require to execute each mission effectively, reliably, and safely. With small business efficiencies and CMMI Level 3 discipline, we deliver innovative, reliable and affordable solutions in decision support, command and control and information management. We proudly serve an array of customers in the undersea, surface and airborne domains.

Uniquely Qualified to Serve Our Government Customers

Though we have led numerous mission-critical projects over our 15-year history, people are often surprised to learn that Rite-Solutions is not a large organization. By design, we are small, flat and fast. This enables us to put knowledgeable and empowered decision-makers directly on your project. Organizational layers don’t restrict our ability to respond quickly to inevitable issues that arise during a project and being lean enables us to remain affordable without sacrificing discipline, integrity or quality.

But being small doesn’t mean we are limited in capability or expertise. Rite-Solutions has an impressive intellectual concentration of engineers, scientists and technologists that you don’t typically find in small firms. Our processes are as impressive as our people as we plan, manage and execute as a CMMI Level-3 appraised organization.

Customers who work with Rite-Solutions, tend to stay with us. Our ability to offer the affordability and agility of a small company and the expertise and rigor of a large one, is why we continue working with all of our government customers. In fact, on satisfaction surveys over the past five years 100% of customers would recommend Rite-Solutions for similar requirements in the future!

Areas of Expertise

Rite-Solutions consistently demonstrates the value proposition we represent to our customers as a small, agile developer of complex systems. As suggested by our CMMI Level-3 pedigree, our development efforts are characterized by disciplined, repeatable processes guided by DoD standards, along with the uncommon speed our agility enables. We provide our government clients with turnkey, mission-critical solutions that anticipate the future across all life cycle phases, through integration and sustainment. This includes on-going work where, as a prime contractor, we apply our CMMI Level 3 discipline to open systems concepts using COTS hardware for delivery to System Integrators.

One example of a current forward-looking software development effort is our Automated Protocol Translator (APT), intended to reduce the time and cost to develop interface software for Navy operational systems. APT will improve system interoperability by quickly adapting to changes in protocols, interface definitions, and sources of new or better data. The effort includes definition of a Domain Specific Language (DSL) to define an APT Interface Definition Language (IDL), prototyping an automated software generation tool, and evaluating artificially generated interface translator code for commonly used protocols. Together the DSL and IDL automate the generation of software that can be deployed in a production runtime environment. The clear benefits to our customers are:

  • Reduction of the time and cost to develop interface software for operational systems
  • Improved system interoperability through instant adaptation to changes in protocols, interface definitions, and sources of new or better data
  • Enabling introduction of Fleet platform enhancements with improved capability and reliability – and reduced risk – delivered in less time

The APT prototype software generation tool is developed using open concepts and can be employed in virtually any complex, interface-dependent system setting that employs a Software Development Kit. APT will soon deliver the Information Advantage™ to our warfighters in the AN/BYG-1 Combat System and Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical System (SWFTS), but its application is nearly universal.

Rite-Solutions couples a high-degree of undersea warfare subject matter knowledge with our systems and software engineering expertise to the full-scale engineering development and deployment of combat and command control systems for USN submarine, surface, and air platforms. We provide systems engineering, software engineering, modeling and simulation, and test and evaluation expertise for USN systems including the AN/BYG-1 submarine combat system, the DDG-1000 Integrated Undersea Warfare System, and the P-8A Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft.

  • In support of USN submarine combat systems, we perform systems engineering and develop software for the On-Board Team Trainer – Master Controller (OBTT-MC), Inter-Subsystem Maintenance Tool (ISMT), Command Decision Support System (CDSS), Weapon Control System (WCS), and Tactical Control System (TCS).
  • In support of surface warfare and integrated air defense missions we provide systems engineering, test resource management, and long range R&D mapping for COMOPTEVFOR Integrated Tests (IT) and Operational Tests (OT).
  • In support of the P-8A Increment 3 Applications Based Architecture (ABA) we provide Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) of the ABA prototype, develop Test Applications for automated validation of the prototype while verifying the software being developed, evaluate the Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) for the ABA prototype, and support on-site test execution at Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) Division, and provide test/demonstration expertise at NAVAIR, Patuxent River, MD.

Our customers include NAVSEA, NUWC, NAVAIR, COMPOPTEVFOR, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, all of whom consistently express a high degree of satisfaction in their formal evaluations.

Rite-Solutions designs, develops, implements and sustains IT Infrastructure Management and Cyber-Security solutions for tactical and non-tactical IT systems and software for NUWC. We provide systems engineering, software engineering, information assurance (IA)/cyber-security, database system engineering, configuration management, program management and help desk/client support services for Enterprise Network and Communications Infrastructure services. In addition, we provide maintenance and operation of Enterprise and Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) systems and server infrastructures. We support IA certification and accreditation and system security engineering for the NUWC IT Infrastructure. Our highly skilled and experienced technical staff offer the most urgently needed cyber security certifications including: A+, Security+, Network+, OS certifications (Windows, Linux), CASP, CISSP, CCNA, CEH, and CPT.

Much like mission-critical combat systems, business systems are an important part of any organization. Rite-Solutions helps organizations develop business systems that improve the performance of its people and processes in key areas including:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security and Information Assurance
  • Customer and Field Service
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Human Resources and Recruiting
  • Inventory Management
  • Training & Development
  • Operations

Combining domain knowledge in these areas with agile development and infrastructure expertise, Rite-Solutions is uniquely capable of not only defining requirements, but also identifying and avoiding potential risks, up front.

The result is that we deliver business system solutions that improve operational performance and, ultimately, help government and commercial clients reduce costs, inform better decisions, improve quality, increase customer satisfaction, and much more. Business systems are one of several ways we help clients achieve an Information AdvantageTM and a competitive edge.

Rite-Solutions partners with MicroPact who offers powerful, adaptive, case management products that transform the way organizations deliver successful outcomes.

Federal Contract Vehicles

Rite-Solutions performs work on major Federal government contracts either as a prime contractor or subcontractor including: blanket purchase agreements, indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contracts and GSA vehicles. Whether you’re a potential government customer, large business prime contractor or a potential supplier, you can find our capabilities under pre-negotiated terms and conditions.

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