Innovative Solutions

Gain an Information Advantage

Rite-Solutions designs, develops, and deploys mission-critical software solutions and systems to help you convert complex data into valuable intelligence. Our innovative solutions provide a sustainable, competitive edge – an Information Advantage™ that empowers your organization to:

  • Access enterprise-wide information anytime, anywhere via open and integrated system architectures
  • Transform data into actionable solutions via data fusion and intuitive displays that aid decision-making
  • Ensure your personnel develop and apply essential knowledge and key skills through training, simulation and decision-support-tools

From developing innovative, high-tech solutions in undersea warfare to improving the performance of a corporate workforce, Rite-Solutions helps optimize your systems, people and processes to achieve an Information Advantage.

Put Our Innovations To Work For You

What can Rite-Solutions do for you? Just take a look at our award-winning innovations – we’ll bring the same ingenuity and creativity to your project. And if one of our existing solutions seems right for your application, why re-invent the wheel? You can save time and money by having us customize it to your needs.

Rite-Solutions MutualFun

Facilitate collaboration, nurture innovation.


Improve team readiness and operational performance.

MAT Solutions

Minimize dock time, maximize at-sea performance.

DITA XML Integration Solutions

Get the most from your content management implementation.

APT Tool Graphic

Eliminate costly, complex system interoperability issues.