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Mutual Fun

Facilitate collaboration, nurture innovation

Innovation is a game-changer across industries. So how can your organization create an environment that sparks breakthrough thinking? At Rite-Solutions, we know that good ideas gain momentum through brainstorming and collaboration – when different people engage in the opportunities, challenges, and rewards that ideation and innovation bring. To foster such a dynamic, we developed Mutual Fun®, an innovation management platform that enables you to leverage the collective genius of your people.

With Mutual Fun, your organization will:

  • Compete, grow, and succeed by cultivating ideas and accelerating innovations that help you capitalize on ever-changing customer needs and organizational challenges
  • Fuel collaboration, improve morale, and increase employee retention by encouraging participation from people throughout your ranks
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Mutual Fun

Engage all employees, drive organizational success

We developed Mutual Fun to drive our own innovation in engagements with world-class clients such as Hasbro and the US Navy. Now the award-winning, patent-pending solution is used by our clients themselves, to harvest their own innovations. A resource to some, a game to others, Mutual Fun allows everyone to contribute to your organization’s growth and success through the process of innovation.

  •  Engages employees with a platform that resembles the world’s most recognized business game – the stock exchange!

  • Leverages gamification strategies and social networking to fully engage employees and foster an entrepreneurial culture your organization grows

  • Creates friendly competition and allows for recognition of individuals based on investment-worthy ideas, investment decisions, overall participation, and contributions to the ideas of fellow employees

  • Invites employees to propose, evaluate, and invest Mutual Fun “dollars” in the ideas they deem to be the most promising

  • Features an open architecture to ensure integration with a variety of third-party applications and hardware, as well as scalability as your organization grows
  • Promotes the spirit of “nobody is as smart as everybody”: encourages innovation from all, invites fresh perspectives, and stimulates organization-wide creativity and critical thinking participation, and contributions to the ideas of fellow employees
  • Configures to align with your organizational strategies, with categories such as:

    Company Culture and Community
    Growth, Execution and Strategy
    Customer Service
    New Product and Service Ideas

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