Improve team readiness and operational performance.

Typical display screens burden operators with complex, uncorrelated data and leave it to them to create useful information. In contrast, our Rite-View software does the deciphering for you. Rite-View’s intuitive displays also provide easy-to- grasp data intelligence, which enables your operators to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.

  • Aggregates and analyzes a multitude of data from various sources and presents it in intuitive, 4D (3D over time) displays that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your mission-critical operations.
  • Increases individual and team readiness when used as a training and development tool, allowing operational planning, rehearsal, event reconstruction and analysis, and post-operation playback/evaluation.
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Turn data into intuitive, useful information.

Rite-View collects data from a virtually unlimited number of sources and converts it into meaningful, intuitive information. Whether you are in charge of emergency response management at a power plant or military mine countermeasure operations in the ocean, Rite-View improves the accuracy and efficiency of your operations.

  • Improves decision-making performance with geo-referenced 3D display renderings made over time (4D) that enhance the execution accuracy and timeliness of mission- critical military and commercial operations
Rite-View Screenshot
  • Maximizes efficiency and productivity by easily configuring to individual operator roles, objectives, and needs via an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) – users get only the information they need to perform their tasks
  • Employs real or simulated data to support live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) events for training and development purposes
  • Enables the aggregation and analysis of higher volumes of data complexity via Advanced Data Fusion (ADF); supports a range of military and commercial applications such as sonar operations, ship command and control, virtual system training, emergency management response, and more.
  • Supports various levels of personnel, from tactical users and operators to command and control personnel and senior leaders with broader responsibilities
  • Features an open architecture to integrate easily with a broad range of military and commercial systems and applications
  • Converts real-world/real-time data, historical data, and data from other sources with Advanced Viewport Technology (AVT), producing precise and accurate 3D renderings that are richer and more robust than traditional screen displays