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Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration

Overcome obstacles to cloud migration

The reasons for moving to the cloud are numerous: cost savings, speed, scalability, security, and more. But, it can be a daunting project. Where do you begin? Do you deploy some applications or all at once? How do you maintain interoperability in the cloud? Should parallel environments be used during migration?

Rite-Solutions helps clients overcome obstacles like these and successfully migrate their current systems to the cloud. Often this requires a clean-slate approach, which allows government and commercial clients to:

  • Upgrade applications
  • Incorporate new technologies
  • Improve information assurance and cybersecurity
  • Prepare for failover and data recovery
  • Accommodate future requirements

Re-architecting systems during migration allows clients to take full advantage of services that cloud vendors provide. We even help clients choose the cloud vendor that best meets their needs.

Business Systems

Customized migration plan that meets each customer’s needs

Leveraging decades of experience, ranging from developing software to architecting distributed, service oriented systems, Rite-Solutions has the experience to help clients move their complex systems to the cloud.

As an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and CMMI Level-3 appraised company, Rite-Solutions employs rigorous policies and procedures to mitigate risk. We develop a customized migration plan that meets each customer’s unique needs, by:

  • Analyzing current systems, including all integration points, to help plan the order that applications are migrated to the cloud
  • Assessing the new environment to ensure it supports anticipated operational and cybersecurity requirements
  • Incorporating new technologies and updating applications; perhaps taking the opportunity to sunset older applications
  • Analyzing cloud deployment and operational costs to support selection of cloud options and capabilities
  • Creating development, test, and staging test cloud environments to develop, verify, and ensure new capabilities work properly sand can be deployed in the production cloud
  • Maintain parallel production environments to mitigate risk as migrating a large number of applications will require an approach in which applications are prioritized and incrementally moved to the cloud over time.
  • Developing a data migration plan, which may require some cleansing, reorganizing, and testing of data, prior to deployment in the production cloud

A successful cloud migration always requires working closely with customers. We need to understand each customer’s priorities, organizational structure, technology investments, and appetite for risk. Beyond providing the benefits of cloud computing, we look for every opportunity to mitigate risk for customers along the way.