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Open Systems Architecture Integration, Open System Enablers

Open systems expertise helps you reduce costs, increase flexibility, and simplify the introduction of new capabilities

The benefits that standardized open systems offer are numerous. But, these systems often require that organizations have dedicated open architecture expertise. Rite-Solutions has that expertise. Our ability to design open system architectures for the Navy’s Submarine Combat System of the Future and GE Healthcare’s global field service platform are just two examples of how we help clients realize the benefits of open systems, including:

  • Improved system interoperability
  • Reduced software costs
  • Improved system reliability
  • Quickly integrate new, different technologies
  • Increased system security
APT Approach

Open standards, APIs, SDKs, and services make open source systems a viable alternative to proprietary systems

To best meet our clients’ needs and budget, almost every solution we have developed has been designed by applying Modular Open System Architecture principles.

Transparent, open standards make it easy to integrate different systems, which allow clients to extend their investment in a legacy system or add cutting-edge commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software from Silicon Valley. Customers are not “locked in” to a particular vendor or proprietary solution, and have flexibility to add new functionality.

Open systems also save customers money, beyond the obvious absence of licensing fees. Software development kits (SDK) help our developers take advantage of a wide range of quality solutions to provide new capabilities to our customers more quickly.

A vast open-source community with a deep technical commitment to providing open source alternatives to proprietary systems ensures reliability and security. A global network of software developers, including Rite-Solutions, continuously tests code, addresses security vulnerabilities, and incorporates new capabilities in response to customer feedback.