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System of Systems (SoS) Development, Integration

Integrate systems, improve performance and gain a competitive edge

Many organizations have mixed environments comprising legacy, custom, cloud, open source, and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems.

Successful organizations create and harness a system of systems (SoS) approach to maximize their IT investment and achieve an Information AdvantageTM.

For decades, Rite-Solutions has developed complex, mission-critical SoS solutions. Whether a submarine combat system for the Navy or a global content management system for a Fortune 500 firm, SoS solutions help organizations improve performance and quickly gain a competitive edge.

APT Approach

Access data and distribute information organization-wide

SoS interoperability allows different systems to work together as a single, integrated system. True to the adage “the sum is greater than its parts”, an SoS offers more functionality and performance than the sub-systems themselves. Rite-Solutions engineering expertise and innovative tools, such as the Automated Protocol Translator (APT), have helped customers:

  • Utilize COTS systems, open source solutions, and custom systems to build the SoS that meets any need and budget in any environment
  • Quickly integrate different systems into a single, cohesive system
  • Develop valuable insights and experience by collecting data from different sources and different systems throughout their entire infrastructure and organization
  • Improve business decision-making capabilities by distributing the right information to the right people at the right time throughout their organization
  • Ensure efficient and effective operations by quickly alerting individuals to potential problems and initiating troubleshooting
APT Tool Graphic
The Automated Protocol Translator (APT) is an integral part of a System of Systems (S0S) as it ensures communications between disparate systems.