Tests Validate Automated Protocol Translator Vision of Solving System Interoperability Issues

In a previous blog post, we outlined Rite-Solutions’ vision for its Automated Protocol Translator (APT): addressing interoperability challenges of mixed-system environments. We see the APT accelerating the integration of disparate components and systems. In turn, this reduces the time to market and costs of new products and solutions. So, how real is the vision [...]

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Automated Protocol Translator: A Simpler, Faster, and Better Approach to System Interoperability

Getting computers, systems, and software to talk with each other can be extremely complex and time consuming. Interoperability issues have challenged system architects, designers, system engineers, software engineers and test teams since the advent of computers. We should have best-of-breed approaches that everyone can subscribe to, right? Unfortunately, interoperability is a moving target. The [...]